Ironbridge Fine Arts Printmakers

Ironbridge Fine Arts Printmakers Competition 2023


Printmaking has been entwined in our culture and social development for many centuries. During that time many printmaking techniques have evolved. Printmaking is not an easy area and many artists over the years have experimented relentlessly to discover exciting and different ways of working.

Over forty years ago Dave Gunning designed and started to manufacture the ‘Gunning Presses’ enabling artists to print in many different ways. Suddenly the same machine could print an etching, then a lino, then a woodcut, these are but a few of the possibilities. Thousands of his printing machines are now out in schools, colleges, art centres, museums, and in private studios. The Gunnings have run hundreds of workshops in schools and colleges which have promoted printmaking to all ages over the last four decades.

Our Annual Printmaking Open Competition shines a spotlight on all the different printmaking techniques both traditional and modern and allows us to celebrate the very best in printmaking today.

The Bull of Iffley